We’re Travelling at the Speed of Light. Are You? Spacecrafts, cheetahs and the legendary Usain Bolt are incredibly fast moving; blink and you’ll miss them. Although you may think that nothing could measure up to these super charged forces, there is something that none of them will ever come close to – the speed of light.

Travelling in a vacuum of 186,282.4 miles per second the “cosmic speed limit” is the one to beat, being the fastest that something can move through the universe. One to think about the next time you switch on your favourite lamp! We’re Travelling at the Speed of Light. Are You?

Intrigued to how this phenomenon compares to everyday items, we’ve created a tool allowing you to do so. Wondered whether the fastest moving super car on the road or a HTV2 jet would win in a race? Have a 5k time to be proud of?

Click on the icons below and see if you can beat the cosmic speed limit. How do you measure up?