Useful tips for adding romance with lighting

Adding romance with lighting - Litecraft

Useful tips for adding romance with lighting

The notion of romantic lighting in a home setting conjures up thoughts of a deep and moody ambience. Dimmed lighting and glistening crystal droplets together with silk sheets and comfy soft furnishings take centre stage to create a romantic setting. Crystal chandeliers are a useful addition, they are the epitome of elegance and are ideal when adding romance with lighting, placing one above a bed or dining table will instantly inject an air of romance. However, there are other useful ways to add romance with lighting which we’ll look at today.

Add romance with lighting, with these simple tips:

  • flickering candles;
  • layers of light to fill in dark corners;
  • champagne coloured crystals and lamp shades;
  • dark lamp shades;
  • strategically placed staircase lighting.

Flickering candles

Faux LED Candle Table Lamp - Litecraft

There’s no doubt the sight of a flickering candle will evoke feelings of romance. But whilst casting an intimate pool of light they aren’t always the safest option. That’s where faux candles come in. A useful and less risky option. These little gems give the illusion of a real candle but without the fire hazard, lingering smells and messy wax stains. Our faux LED candles boast a flickering motion to ramp up the illusion of a real candle and they come in a collection of three for a unified look. Place in hurricane lamps or high on a candle stick in the centre of a dining table. Or a coffee table to create an intimate dinner for two feel. Alternatively, place these candles around you bath tub for a luxury spa feeling.

Layers of light to fill dark corners

Adding romance with lighting

Layer your lighting to highlight forgotten dark corners. Place spotlights on the floor behind your bed or sofa to create a glowing and sensual back drop. Or add a subtle glow to your coving with strip lighting. Place them high on the ledge to emphasise the features in a room. You can even place an up lighter behind a floor plant to create an exotic holiday vibe in the dining room.

Directing light onto plants and foliage creates wonderful shadow patterns. Alternatively, string lights can induce romantic notions, drape along the bed post or mantel piece to create a subtle sparkle to the room. Layering lighting instead of focusing on one main lighting system will give a more tranquil ambience, create sultry shadows and overall create an intimate space.

Champagne coloured crystals and lamp shades

adding romance with lighting - Vara Champagne Coloured Crystals

Adding romance with lighting

Adding romance with lighting

Champagne tones reflect the same notion as its name sake. Classic, sultry and romantic with a dash of fun and frivolity. Inject champagne shades into your colour scheme through the use of coloured crystals and lamp shades. Pair champagne crystal chandeliers with champagne coloured soft furnishings and table lamp shades for an injection of romance and class. Champagne tones also give a softer pool of light when lit. Litecraft’s Monet range offers a tinted champagne finish together with a unique molded style of shade. Available in table lamp and wall light option too for a complimenting lighting scheme. Alternatively, our Madonna and Vara Chandelier ranges have the option of champagne crystals added to them for a more romantic occasion.

Dark lamp shades

adding romance with lighting - Vara Champagne Coloured Crystals

adding romance with lighting

On the other hand, choosing dark coloured lampshades can also have the same visual effect as champagne tones. Lighter shades can sometimes create a harsh light. Whereas a darker shades will give a more subtle glow. If the shade completely blocks out the glow then choose a higher bulb wattage but be sure to keep within the safety guidelines. Our L’amour range comes in a black or grey voile shade design together with crystal droplets that peep out from below. The introduction of voile also emphasises the romantic notion.

Placing recessed spotlights lighting along a staircase will help guide the way. Just like you would when scattering petals on Valentines Day. Alternatively place our faux candles intermittently up a staircase for a more sensual and romantic setting. How do you up the romance in your home?

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