Top Picks: 6 Eclectic Industrial Lights

Eclectic Industrial Lighting

The nights are getting darker and colder so this is the perfect time to brighten up your mood and interiors with some new light fittings and accessories. Set an Eclectic industrial scene with these Top Picks from our new Autumn & Winters lighting collection.

Industrial style has gained so much popularity over recent years and there isn’t a better time than now to integrate this trend into your home. This style is perfect for those who love functional interiors with a stripped back feel, uncluttered spaces & salvaged décor.

Open floor spaces are the trademark of industrial interiors, but the great thing about this style is that it can be integrated in almost any home, from a small converted loft to an elegant 4 floor manor house, simply by choosing raw textures, furniture with strong & clean lines, statement lighting fixtures and salvaged décor.

Take a look at out six Top Picks of Eclectic Industrial Lighting

6 Eclectic Industrial Top Picks

1. Unique design features are a must have for this eclectic style. Our 6 Watt Dimmable LED Diamond Light Bulb has a decorative filament and a trendy diamond shape design. This LED light bulb isn’t just good-looking, it’s also energy efficient and dimmable, allowing you to set the level ambience in the room and save on your energy bills. Install it in an existing light fitting or combine it with one of our Decorative Light Cables for more of an urban look.

2. Don’t you just love the relaxed atmosphere of a chilled-out bar after a long day at work? Our design team has created this stylish Industrial Diner Mesh Bar Ceiling Pendant to help you recreate this intimate laid-back atmosphere in your home. Inspired by industrial designs this stripped-back ceiling light will add charisma to any dining room.

3. Autumn & Winter season is a time of the year when we spend more and more time indoors hiding from the rain and darkness, so it is important to make our surrounding as warm and inviting as possible. To create warm ambience add accent lighting with our Hollywood Twin Spotlight Floor Lamp. This stunning style statement finished in antique brass draws its inspiration from retro designs, independently adjustable spotlights and the tripod legs complete the industrial look.

4. Eclectic Industrial style is about stripped back architecture and practical designs, but it doesn’t have to be limited in the choice of colours. Add brave bold colours to get rid of autumn gloom and make your interior pop. Our School Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light finished in glossy red will become a focal point of any room. Combine it with one of our Vintage Light Bulbs for the ultimate eclectic feel.

5. I’m sure you’ve all seen those quirky Brooklyn lofts with worn brick walls, enormous windows and industrial interiors. They are packed with eccentric design gems and just oozing with eclectic aura, often resembling an industrial style bar. Our Hello Lightbox embraces this peculiar style and  will soon be available online.

6. For lovers of industrial kitchens we have chosen this Senior Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light. It features a large metal frame finished in worn-effect nickel. Its authentic salvaged design will transform your kitchen into an urban cookery that any fellow salvage interior lover would be envious of.

If you are interested in any of the lights shown in this post, check out our website or for a more personal shopping experience, contact our Litecraft Support Team.

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