The Ultimate Guide to Ceiling Lighting

ceiling lighting

Lighting, and ceiling lights in particular, are a necessity in the modern day home. It has become something that you now take for granted, but would be completely and utterly lost without. It’s a kind of lighting that is immensely important in the modern day, not just for the light that they produce, but also for the brilliant styles and looks that ceiling lights can bring to the entire home. The most difficult task when it comes to finding your new ceiling lights is finding the right ones for your home, and that’s where this guide comes in!

This ultimate guide will give you all of the hints, tips, and information that you’ll need to make the perfect choice when finding your lighting, so you needn’t worry about being stuck with the wrong fitting from this point onwards!

The Structure

The first thing to consider when introducing new lighting into your home is ‘what structure is best for my home?’ By figuring out which structure is the most suitable, you narrow the options hugely, making any decisions far easier. There are 3 main types of ceiling light to consider, and each offers its own unique twist to any interior. These three main structures are:

  • Flush/Semi-Flush;
  • Pendant;
  • Chandelier.

Flush lights are considered to be the least flashy and flamboyant out of the three, however they do bring some exceptional qualities to any interior if you find the right one. Flush lights are generally much smaller in size compared to the other two styles, and they usually feature a much smaller drop height too, making them perfect for homes which feature low ceilings! Flush ceiling lights can also be extremely stylish and trendy, which makes them a great addition to any home.

Pendant lights offer something a little different to the interior, as they can offer a complete range of different looks to suit any home. These looks can range anywhere from a very classy and sophisticated image, to one that is more modern and has a very urban edge to it. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and drop down towards the ground. They can come in a variety of different shapes, so if you have the right height ceiling they could be great for you and your home. The Droplet 9 Light LED Clear Glass Ball Pendant Ceiling Light – Chrome is a brilliant example of how pendant lighting can look and feel within an interior.

A93-PD1302-9B-CLR_L ceiling light

Chandeliers are very similar to pendants in the basic structure, however there are a few distinct differences to set them apart. Chandeliers are commonly seen to feature hanging crystals and other accessories around the structure. This gives a rather regal and elegant feel that is perfect for homes looking for more sophistication in its interiors. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling in the same way a pendant does, so you must have enough space to ensure that the drop height can work.

c01-lc1967_4 ceiling lighting

The Madonna Chandelier 12 Light Dual Mount – Chrome is a terrific example of a dual purpose light, as it can be used as either a flush fitting or a chandelier. This means you can completely customise it to make it as effective as possible inside your home. By having a light that can be used as a hanging chandelier and a flush fitting, you have the ability to use this light in homes that have lower ceilings, but are looking for a very elegant fixture. This light offers the answer to all of these wishes and does it in a very beautiful fashion, making it a truly wonderful addition to any home.

The Image

So, now you have an idea of what structure is best for you, it’s now time to consider what kind of look you are aiming to achieve. Ceiling lights are one of the major features within any interior, and therefore they play a massive role in determining whether the designs and styles in the room are effective or not. To ensure that you have a style that is effective and has the right impact, you will need to assess the features you already have and figure out what will complement those in the best way. If your home is styled in a more elegant and refined style, a stunning chandelier could be the ideal fitting to bring into your home; however if you have a more modern and urban style, you may need something completely different such as this Red Braided Cable & Vintage LED Diamond Light Bulb, as it manages to bring a unique and contemporary style to the interior and also harnesses the brilliance of LED lighting – more on that later.


The Technology

This is quite possibly the most important, albeit not the most exciting, part of picking out a new fitting. Finding out which technical aspects are needed really shows you which kind of light you need and which kind of fitting is best suited to providing you with this.

One thing that you will need to consider is the drop heights of different fittings. This is very important in homes which have lower ceilings, as they require fittings that have small drop heights, usually flush fixtures, such as this Perla 3 Light Petroleum Tinted Glass Flush Ceiling Light – Chrome, as it brings a very modern and stylish look whilst also keeping close to the ceiling and taking up as little head space as is possible.


Another important factor to consider is what kind of light you would like to have in your home. You could choose to have light that is very direct and purposeful, or you could go to the other end of the spectrum and go for light that has a wide spread throughout the room and produces softer and more relaxing light. Different fitting will offer different kinds of lighting, so that’s another point to take into account when deciding upon the new ceiling lights for your home.

The next important factor is the bulbs. Bulbs are a vital part of any lighting setup and dictate the tone of the lighting that is produced. Finding the right bulb is important, and if you’re looking for high quality light that is efficient and cost effective, then LED is most definitely the way to go. LED bulbs are available in all shapes and sizes, meaning there is always one available for your fitting. Take a look at our huge range of LED light bulbs.

The last thing to think about is the use of specialist technology, as it is very useful in certain cases. This can be things such as IP ratings and fire ratings, as some lights may have to pass certain regulations to be used in certain areas, such as a light needing an IP44 rating to be used in bathroom zones.

One Last Thought…

This is the most important thing I’m going to tell you today, so listen closely and take it in. When choosing lighting, there are many things you need to take into account, many of which we have discussed through this guide, but the most important factor is what YOU want. The best ceiling lights for you are ones that you enjoy having in your home and produce lighting that makes you feel comfortable within your house. If you find a light that can do this, you’re golden!

If you found this guide helpful and would like more helpful hints and tips, take a look at our blog!

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