The trickiest places to light – Hallway Lighting

Hallway Lighting tricks and tips

The trickiest places to light – Hallway Lighting

Hallways aren’t just corridors that take you through to the various rooms in your home, they’re much more than this. Lets light the trickiest places in the home with some hallway lighting.

Hallway lighting

Hallways can be the first impression visitors and guests will see when they enter your home, the places that could characterise your whole house. If your hallways aren’t appealing enough they can soon become a wasted space used for dumping shoes and coats. Don’t let that happen. Don’t neglect your hallways, give them the same treatment you would for any other room in your house. Of course, it all depends on the size and layout of your hallways but there are so many ways to bring light and ambience to this area of the home. Creating an interesting hallway will help your home flow seamlessly and give a great first impression.

It’s important to have a well-lit hallway and entrance-way for practical reasons too. So you remember everything before you leave the house and also creating that warm and welcoming feeling when you return.

A few helpful tips to give your hallways and entrance-ways that much needed light and ambience:

  • include a main light source dependent on the size of the space;
  • accent lighting throughout your hallway and corridors;
  • wall sconces to offer a guiding light;
  • adding mirrors to give the illusion of more space.

Include a main light source dependent on the size of the space

Hallway Lighting

When it comes to choosing the right hallway lighting you’ll need to think about the scale and proportions of this specific places. It would be crazy to choose a statement chandelier if you have a narrow hallway. Whereas if you’re lucky enough to own a home full of tall ceilings, there wouldn’t be sufficient enough light from a small fitting. Take advantage of the area you are working with. For high ceilings choose a hallway chandelier or a cluster pendant that has a varied drop which will cascade down over the doorway. This style of fitting will add interest and intrigue, thus creating a welcoming first impression for you and your guests.

Remember to give enough space between the fittings and your front door to avoid any clashes. For small and narrow hallways we recommend opting for a single pendant, a flush ceiling light, recessed spotlights or an easy to fit shade. These types of fittings have all the qualities of a larger fitting but on a more compact scale.

Accent lighting throughout your hallway and corridors

Hallway Lighting tips

To create ambience and a welcoming atmosphere throughout your hallways, combine a range of accent hallway lighting. If you have enough space consider a table lamp on a console table together with your home telephone and some freshly cut flowers. Perhaps a handy coat rack to give the space a practical aspect. Featuring a table lamp will create a soft pool of illumination, thus giving a warm vibe to the area.

Recessed spotlights and strip lights are a subtle and unobtrusive way of adding accent lighting. They also bounce light off the walls to give the illusion of more space. Install along the staircase to give a wash of light over each step. Alternatively, walk over recessed lights can also create a guiding light.

Wall lighting to offer a guiding light

Beautiful interior wall light

Alternatively look at wall lighting as a possibility. Wall lights are great at accentuating features such as the staircase and the landing. Also wall lights can be used to highlight wall art or a side table.

Adding mirrors to give the illusion of more space

Hallway Lighting - Mirrors

Accessories with a shiny and reflective finish such as mirrors or mirrored furniture are great for creating the illusion of more space. Place along a corridor to bounce light off the walls. Hang two mirrors opposite each other in a hallway to double to reflective light.

What hallway lighting would you choose?

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