Task Lighting Ideas To Help Illuminate Your Home Office

6 trendy task lighting ideas for your home office

Modern desk lamps and other forms of task lighting ideas are an essential part of every home office and study area. Whether you work from home or just use your study space for browsing the web and paying bills, the area should be illuminated well enough to make reading and writing easy; poor lighting can cause eye strain and glare.

However, home office lighting doesn’t have to just be practical. We’ve taken a look at some of the trends in task lights to keep your work space stylish.

Task Lighting Ideas

Idea 1: Traditional Banker’s Desk Lamp

Checkers green bankers desk lamp

Add a retro look to your work space with a traditional banker’s lamp. Dating back to the 1800’s, these office desk lamps feature an iconic design that has stayed the same over the years, with a polished brass base and a hand blown green glass lamp shade. Nowadays, vintage task lighting such as this is a stylish choice for any room.

Did you know that the colour green inspires creativity? If you need a little inspiration when you work, try placing a banker’s lamp on your desk. The luxurious style will bring a touch of class to your office.

Idea 2: Adjustable Angle Task Lamps

chrome adjustable desk lamp

For a more functional look, an adjustable angle task lamp is a great choice for a home office or reading room. These lamps often feature a jointed arm and a pivoting head that allows you to position them and change the angle of light to exactly where you need it. Adjustable angle desk lamps offer focused task lighting for office-based activities.

However, these task lamps are not just a practical choice; with their mechanical design and metal finish, they are also ideal for adding a touch of trendy industrial-style illumination to your home office.

Idea 3: Quirky Desk Lamps

Quirky design desk lamps

Quirky design desk lamps are a huge trend in lighting right now. Lamps are shaped as all sorts of weird and wonderful objects. Get in on this trend with a globe desk lamp that glows from within. This stylish lamp will add a worldly look to your office space and makes a great learning tool for kid’s homework time too.

Idea 4: Contemporary Clip-on Task Lamps

COntemporary clip on task lamp

A clip-on task lamp is a great choice for lighting up a modern work space. These lamps offer a sleek and simple design with a flexible neck that works with minimalist office furniture and white walls. If you have a contemporary office space, consider a stylish clip-on lamp for your desk. Clip on desk lamps are also perfect for smaller office spaces as they can be attached to shelves and other surfaces to save precious work space.

Idea 5: Antique Brass Desk Lamps

Antique brass adjustable desk lamp

Why not update your home office with an antique brass desk lamp? Antique brass is all about adding a touch of traditional style to a room. This vintage-inspired metal finish is a fashionable choice in interiors and lighting and brings warmth and luxury to a space. If your space is inspired by the classic look, choose an adjustable antique brass task lamp to complement the space and provide practical illumination.

Idea 6: Colour Pop Task Lamps

Colourful desk lamp blue

A coloured desk lamp is an easy way to add an instant touch of style to your office space. Simple flexi neck task lamps (task lighting ideas) desk lamps make a funky addition to a teenagers work space.

As you can see, task lighting doesn’t have to be boring; desk lamps come in many amazing styles to suit every office and work space.

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