Styling with Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Styling with Mid Century Modern Lighting
Mini Scratched Table Lamp with Light Beige Shade – Copper

Mid-Century Modern is one of the hottest trends of 2020, with the simplicity and minimalism of the smooth curves, understated shades, and the comforting warm tones that add a beautiful pop of colour to your home. With this stunning décor on the rise once again, we’ve written a blog to help you incorporate the look within your rooms using lighting, with styling tips, a summary of the trend and our lighting decorations specially picked just for you.

Making a Statement With Mid-Century Modern Styling

Mid-Century Modern is known for two things: the sleek, smooth shapes and minimal appearances that beautifully accent your room, or the eye-catching centrepieces, sure to impress your guests and make a statement in your home. Statement light – another rising trend – can be difficult. How much is too much? Does it match the room? Is it too over the top? All examples of the questions people ask themselves when trying to find the perfect statement piece. So, we’re here to help with some much-needed styling tips on how to create the perfect trendy statement for your home.

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Casilda 5 Light Ceiling Light with Smoked Glass Shades – Brass

Our stunning Casilda 5 Light Ceiling Light with Smoked Glass Shades in Brass is a wonderful Mid-Century fitting for creating a subtle statement, with a warm, brassy tone accented by smoke black, glass shades letting out a beautiful ambient glow throughout your room. This semi-flush ceiling fitting features 5 beautiful, curved arms, each holding the tubular shades to create a modern simplicity with a vintage hint.

Hung in any living room, dining room or bedroom, this bold fixture catches your eyes to create a focal point statement to impress your guests and add a higher sense of style to your living space.

However, if you’re not afraid to go bigger and bolder, we have the perfect statement fitting for you.

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Visconte Helixio 38 Light Round Ceiling Pendant – Chrome

The Visconte Helixio 38 Light Round Ceiling Pendant in chrome is as bold as it gets – a huge 38 light configuration, each hung vertically up and down from a slim, chrome base to create a wonderfully abstract, geometric centrepiece to create a wow factor in your room. Unique, sophisticated, and elegant, this fitting would make the perfect statement in any living room with a beautiful, high ceiling, catching the eye of anyone who sees and adding the Mid-Century modern flare to your home like no other.

Accent Lighting Inspiration

Accent lighting is often looked over, often being seen as unneeded or unnecessary, but we’re here to change your mind. This misunderstood topic could be exactly what your home needs. To start with, accent lighting is used, simply, to accentuate a feature in your room, such as making a bedside table stand out, making a colour pop, or even lighting a whole corner of a room. Moreover, the accent light fitting itself could be the feature being accentuated. Often in the form of a floor lamp or table lamp, these smaller details are truly what makes a house a home, creating a cosier environment and a softer look away form the strong ceiling light.

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1 Light Large Arc Floor Lamp – Chrome

Our 1 Light Large Arc Floor Lamp in Chrome is the perfect fitting for accenting your lighting, with a beautifully minimal Mid-Century design featuring a large curving body on which a simplistic white shade is hanging. Providing great, soft lighting, this cosy piece can be also be used practically for reading a book, or simply just to create a warm, relaxing mood in your room.

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Visconte Normandy 1 Light Glass Ceiling Pendant – Chrome

Or how about the beautiful Visconte Normandy 1 Light Glass Ceiling Pendant in chrome – a gorgeous smoke shade encompassing the warm light to create a sleek, elegant look that adds a classiness to any space. This glamorous pendant may be a ceiling light, but pairing 2 of these fittings on each side of your bed would create a unique, accented bed side lamp, taking your home style to new heights while incorporating the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic into your room. The warm light within would be ideal for creating a soft, relaxing mood, and the hanging placement beside your bed could also provide great task lighting for reading a book or magazine.

How to Optimise the Style For a Small Space

While our pendant fittings are truly stunning, we understand how much of a struggle optimising lighting can be for smaller rooms. Low hanging ceilings, narrow corridors and the lack of a ceiling socket are all ways in which your room effects the light you buy, and more often than not you may be left unimpressed to find out the perfect fitting is that little bit too big, or low, or simply can’t even be implemented into your room. While our pendants are adjustable, we’ve organised some styling tips on how you can achieve the Mid-Century Modern look in more refined areas.

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Freya 3 Light Flush Ceiling Light – Chrome

The glamorous Freya 3 Light Flush Ceiling Light in Chrome is the ideal statement for low hanging ceilings, with a flush body that optimises your head space and reduces the drop height so that you can lighter your smaller rooms with style. This chrome fitting features an arrangement of delicate arms, each with a contemporary, floral-like arrangement of slim, metal details. The lights in the centre shine a wonderful light through your room, lighting the surrounding area with an optimal glow perfect for any task. Overall, this light is a fabulous way of getting the drama of a statement light with the functionality of a flush fitting.

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Mini Scratched Table Lamp with White Shade – Chrome

If table lighting is what you need, then look no further than the Mini Scratched Table Lamp with White Shade in Chrome. This curvaceous lamp has a minimal appearance, accent the space beautifully and incorporating that Mid-Century vibe you desire with its large yet understated shade. The light within diffuses through its fabric cage and projects a soft, ambient glow to create the relaxed, calming environment table lamps are made for.

We hope this Be Inspired blog has shown you just how striking the Mid-Century Modern design style can be in your home, and perhaps inspired you to join in on the trend yourself. For more styling blogs like this, make sure to keep your eyes out on our social medias, where we regularly share our blogs and update our followers for every new entry!

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