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As we approach the summer, it’s becoming more and more important to put the effort into your home’s outdoor areas. So that they’re ready for when the good weather hits. But also, if you’ve neglected these spaces in the past then it might be a little difficult to work out where it’s best to start making improvements.

One of the fundamental features for making any area as practical as possible is the outdoor garden lighting that’s used. Illuminating the surrounding zone so that you can keep using the space even after the natural light has faded away. There’s plenty of different styles of light that you can use. With some giving a stylish and decorative vibe. Whilst others offer a more purposeful style of light. We’ve broken down the main lighting options to give you a little more information. More so we’re helping guide you when designing a new arrangement for your gardens this summer. So check out our top tips below!

Wall Lights for Your Garden

Our first suggestion when it comes to outdoor garden lighting space is wall lights. These are ideal for lighting up your paths, patios, and porches in a stylish and practical way. Wall lighting can often be the most decorative style of outdoor lighting. With everything from sleek, contemporary up and down lights to traditional style wall lanterns available to light up your home. We’ve picked a few of our favourite wall lights to showcase, each of which has a different style and effect: Outdoor Black Mersey Lantern Wall Light

Outdoor Garden Lighting - Mersey

Up first is one of our most popular outdoor wall lights – the Mersey! This fitting has a simple box-shaped design and a robust bulb holder within, which offers a distinctively industrial look to your home. The wall light gives an even spread of light to the area that surrounds it, giving a clearer view of the space. Give a retro touch to this fitting by pairing it with one of our stylish filament style bulbs!

Kenn 2 Light Up and Down Outdoor Wall Light – Copper

 Kenn up and down Wall light

Perfect for the modern home, the Kenn 2 Light Up and Down Wall Light from Litecraft has a simple, sleek cylinder shape and a practical 2 light design that gives brilliant illumination to any space. Finished in copper, this on-trend piece gives a perfect urban tone to any household’s designs. Whilst the light shines upwards and downwards along the wall to highlight the texture of the surface to give an enhanced rustic and authentic style to your outdoor areas.

Floodlights and Security Lights

Perhaps the most common use of outdoor lighting is security. With a practical glow helping to make your home a safer, more comforting place when used properly. When it comes to security lighting, PIR sensors are the most important feature to look for. They trigger the light to shine when movement is detected, helping you to identify any unexpected activity. Therefore, you can take whatever action is necessary as soon as possible. The 50-Watt Stanley Lucerne is ideal for larger gardens thanks to its powerful LED shine. Which is a clear, bright, energy-efficient style of light that’s incredibly useful for your outdoor areas. The Stanley lighting range ensures great quality at an affordable price. More so if you’re looking for robust, durable outdoor lighting solutions be sure to check out the full collection at www.litecraft.co.uk/Stanley-Lighting!

Outdoor Garden Lighting - Stanley Lucerne Wall Light

Besides the Stanley Lucerne floodlight, we’ve got a few other lights that utilise a PIR sensor for a more effective style of lighting around the outside of your home. The Sigma Panel Slatted Wall Lantern With PIR in Stainless Steel is an ideal piece to give automated outdoor garden lighting to your doorway, with the slatted design lighting up when movement is detected, so you’ll have a clear glow that helps you find your keys without having to scramble or fumble around in the dark.

Outdoor Task Lighting

Outdoor Garden Lighting - Spike Lights

Task lights are something that we’re all familiar with, they’re features that give a specific style of light that’s tailored to its intended purpose, making the space more suitable for the function that it’ll be used for. In the garden, features such as spike lights and deck lights are great examples of this, offering practical light to some very peculiar settings. Deck lights will illuminate decking and patios effectively to help you avoid any accidents, whilst a set of spike lights can help to draw attention to a vibrant flowerbed or give a clear view across a pathway so you can see where you’re going at night! Click here to take a look at our collection of outdoor spike lights.

Post and pedestal lights are also great for this, acting as a sturdy free-standing feature in your outdoor spaces that catches the eye and gives practical lighting. For a sleek, modern vibe in your garden. Take a look at Litecraft’s Boston Outdoor Pedestal Light. The simple stainless steel finish gives a sophisticated touch to any area. Whilst the sleek structure gives useful illumination to walkways and lawns.

Lighting at Litecraft

With these tips, you should now be able to light up any lawn. Pathway, patio, seating area, or decking with ease. Creating a practical source of illumination that’s tailored to the specific needs of the space. This’ll help you to easily use your outdoor areas even as the natural light fades away. Meaning you can drag those warm summer days out that little bit longer and make the most of the nicer weather. Let us know if any of the lights caught your eye. Or if there’s any other styles of light that you like to use in your outdoor areas that we’ve missed, in the comments!

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