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8 of the Best LED Light Bulbs for your Home. Looking to update your old light bulbs? Find out more about our favourite LED light bulb alternatives.

8 of the best LED light bulbs for your home. For the past 150 years, we have relied on incandescent light bulbs to illuminate our homes. They were cheap and simple. But now with the decline of incandescent, there are more and more options to choose from when it comes to the best LED light bulbs . Recent developments in technology mean that we can now swap our old bulbs for energy saving LEDs. These LED bulbs are the best news for everyone. They are long lasting, energy efficient and eco-friendly, so not only will your bank balance thank you for switching to LED, but the environment will too. Making the switch to LED can help you to reduce your energy bills by up to 90%!

However, LEDs come with a whole new range of rules and technical terms. Choosing LED light bulbs can be a daunting task when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we know everything there is to know about LED, so we’ve put together our best 8 LED light bulbs to get you started.

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4 Watt Small Edison Screw LED Golf Ball Light Bulb – Warm White

  energy saving golf ball LED bulb

Don’t like the look of some modern LED bulbs? This golf ball bulb has been designed to look like a traditional incandescent bulb, so you won’t even notice the difference. One big difference that you will notice is that it uses up to 90% less energy than an incandescent light bulb. The 4 watt light bulb provides 140 lumens of bright, warm white illumination. This bulb features a small Edison screw cap to fit most table lamps.

2 Watt E14 Small Edison Screw Cap LED Candle Light Bulb – Warm White 

Energy saving LED candle bulb

LEDs are often seen as expensive compared to traditional bulbs, but it is possible to find low priced LED bulbs. At just £4.90, this LED bulb gives you the best value for money as it will last much longer than a traditional bulb and use much less electricity to run. This energy saving LED bulb provides 100 lumens of warm white light with just 2 watts of power. It has an E14 base which means it can be used as a replacement for any Small Edison screw cap light bulb.

3.4 Watt GU10 LED Light Bulb – Warm White

 GU10 LED bulb

If you’re replacing halogen kitchen lights for something a little more energy efficient, you may need an LED bulb with a GU10 base. Look no further. This LED bulb can be used as a direct replacement for any GU10 bulb. At just 3.4 watts, this bulb provides 230 lumens of bright, warm white light without wasting any energy. On top of that, it lasts over 20,000 hours, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time.

4.5 Watt Dimmable GU10 LED Light Bulb – Warm White

Dimmable LED bulb

 The only downside of some LED bulbs is that they are not always suitable for use with a dimmer switch. If you like to dim your lights on an evening for a more relaxing vibe, this can be a problem. Luckily, this 4.5 watt LED light bulb can be dimmed. It also provides you with 50,000 hours of bright, warm white light.

Philips Hue Lux 9 Watt Edison Screw LED Light Bulb – Warm White

Philips conncted LED bulb

Philips Hue is the latest in LED technology. This amazing E27 bulb does more than a standard LED bulb. When connected to a Philips bridge, the Hue Lux bulb can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. Simple screw it into your light fitting and download the app to brighten, dim and change colour temperature at the touch of a button. It provides 750 lumens of bright light and lasts up to 25,000 hours.

Philips Hue 9 Watt GE27 Colour Changing Light Bulb

Philips Hue Lux LED connected bulb

If you like the sound of the Hue Lux bulb, then you will love this 9 watt screw cap bulb, also from Philips. Not only can you dim and brighten the light bulbs from any location, but you can change the colour too. Choose from over 16 million shades and create your own colour palette. This clever bulb will take your light bulbs from drab to fab and create a colourful glow in your home.

2.8 Watt Gu10 LED Light Bulb – Cool White

cool white LED bulb

One of the biggest and best advantages of LED bulbs is that they’re available in a choice of colour temperatures. This means that as well as traditional warm white light, you can also enjoy cool white illumination. Cool white light bulbs give off a bright, blue-ish tinge that is perfect for contemporary spaces. Cool white light is often used effectively in kitchens to create a clean look. This GU10 bulb uses just 2.8 watts of energy and provides 50,000 hours of light!

2 Watt Small Edison Screw LED Filament Light Bulb – Warm White

Candle LED light bulb

Finally, this amazingly energy efficient LED bulb uses only 2 watts of energy. Compare that to a 25 watt incandescent or halogen bulb and you will save over 90% on your energy bills! This candle-shaped light bulb features an exposed LED filament and will last for 20,000 hours (most incandescent bulbs last for just 1,000 hours). Switching to LED is a great way to save money in your home.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to LED, browse our full range of LED light bulbs online. You can also head over to our Instagram Page for more inspiration on how to incorporate LED bulbs into your home.

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