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Crystal chandeliers in the 21st century

Once upon a time, crystal chandeliers were only seen in the most opulent of places. These beautiful and ornate pieces were predominantly associated with the upper class. However, they can also be found in religious buildings. These magnificent structures first came about around the 1600’s. For instance, when they were used to light up churches. More so, the name chandelier originated from the French word chandelle. This means candle and thus candle holder. By the 1800’s we were starting to see chandeliers present in the homes, especially in those of the wealthy and powerful. By the 20th century chandeliers could be found in grand hall entrances as well as in stairwells of large country estates. Today, the 21st century has adapted the crystal chandelier to fit into not just traditional homes, but also contemporary designs.

Crystal chandeliers are timeless pieces of artwork that have evolved to fit every era. Here, we’ll look at how the chandelier has evolved from being seen as old fashioned to fit into modern day homes. The 21st century has seen a vast array of interior trends, each with its own individual look and style. However, even the most contemporary homes can implement a chandelier. These days, homeowners are showing their personalities more and more. For instance, creating bold statements with their interior choices. Crystal chandeliers are being hung in the most unexpected places. For example, in attics and barn conversions, industrial warehouses and even modern penthouses. Blending styles that are traditional with contemporary looks is bang on trend at the moment. It’s no surprise we’re seeing ornate crystal chandeliers draped over an industrial rustic dining table.

Crystal Chandeliers for Small Homes

Crystal chandeliers in the 21st century

With the introduction of semi-flush chandelier designs. It’s not just homes with tall ceilings that can benefit from a crystal chandelier. Nowadays, even the smallest of spaces can house this style of chandelier. At Litecraft, most of our crystal chandelier collections are available in a more compact 3 light Semi flush or even a simple easy to fit option. As a result, you can have all the glitz and glamour of a chandelier but in a more scaled down size. Dual mounted designs are also a great way to add a crystal chandelier to your home if you have low ceilings and small rooms.

Modern Interior Designs

Crystal chandeliers in the 21st century

With crystal cut sconces and elaborate glass cut detail, Litecraft offer a wide range of crystal chandeliers. This includes more contemporary designs, for instance, our Waterford Bandon LED 8 Light Crystal Chandelier design. These subtle crystal designs work well in contemporary spaces, adding a more modern finish whilst still offering a sparkling addition.

Modern doesn’t always translate as contemporary. These days, modern designs capture trends gone by. Modern designs use influences from past trends to create a new style. For instance, fitting an ornate crystal chandelier in the hallway of a converted mill. Exposed brick walls and stripped back floor boards can create a rough luxe trend. Similarly, hanging a crystal chandelier over a farm house style dining table can be seen as following the shabby chic trend. The versatility of crystal chandeliers is never ending. These days, there’s no written rule on where you can or can’t hang one of these stunning pieces. The possibilities are endless.

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Crystal chandeliers in the 21st century

You can keep your home simple whilst still having a touch of glamour by pairing your chandelier lights with a contemporary drum shade. Designs such as our L’amour and Ashley ranges offer a crystal chandelier that subtly peeps out from underneath a pleated or a chrome metal shade design. Alternatively, our Marie Therese collection boasts a range of coloured crystal effect chandeliers. These will add a modern yet quirky twist to the ornate chandelier design.

 Bathroom Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers in the 21st century

Another bold statement that has been made possible over the last few years is bringing glamour into your bathroom. This is with the possibility of having crystal chandeliers as bathroom lights. Not many moons ago, the thought of suspending an electrical structure, especially in probably the wettest room in the home, would seem ridiculous as well as unsafe. But this is the 21st Century, and times have changed. Litecraft offer a fantastic collection of IP44 rated bathroom chandeliers, meaning the fittings are safe and suitable for use in bathroom zone 2 and also the outside areas.

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