Master Bathroom Lighting: A Guide for Beginners

Is there anything more elegant than a master bathroom? From free standing bathtubs to a beautiful arrangement of Mediterranean tiles imported straight from Italy, these extravagant bathrooms are what so many of us aspire to have in our homes. We’re here to help you master bathroom lighting.

The perfect bathroom can recreate the feeling of being emerged in a luxury spa getaway – allowing you to de-stress and unwind in a peaceful environment. Such a luxury may feel like an elaborate dream for some, but we’ve compiled this insightful guide giving you the best master bathroom inspiration and advice to help you achieve the bathroom look of your dreams.

Optimising Your Space To Master Bathroom Lighting

The beauty of the bathroom is often found in its minimalism. Despite the ornate tiling, rich colours and endless space, the groundwork for any master bathroom is, first, clearing the clutter.

The bathroom often holds a variety of essential items, such as toiletries and cosmetics, that if left out in plain sight can take away from the minimalist aesthetic. So, bundle up any loose towels or toiletries and find a convenient place they can be neatly hidden away.

One way of achieving optimal practicality in your room is to incorporate a vanity unit. Storage cabinets will keep the room looking spotless while storing everything you could need in a convenient location. Add a large mirror and you have created the perfect vanity for doing your hair, touching up make-up or getting the perfect selfie before a night out.

Feeling fancy? Perhaps you should incorporate a His and Hers bathroom sink as a way to really transform your vanity set. These hotel-like luxury fittings are an ideal way to create a cosy spa atmosphere within your room for maximum comfort.

master bathroom lighting
Preston Bathroom Semi Flush Globe Ceiling Light

Blurring the lines Between Old and New

From a moody, post-modern décor to a French country style, your bathroom design idea will set the mood for the entire room. Your bathroom will reflect your personal tastes more than any other room, so it’s crucial to find a style your guests will fall in love with.

One method we recommend is meshing vintage styling with the trends of today to create a gorgeously decadent space that still holds a sophisticated edge. Not only does this allow you to get creative with colour but it also lets you develop a one-of-a-kind space that is totally unique.

Luxurious Finishes

Once you’ve planned the style you wish to achieve with your bathroom design, the fun can begin. It all comes down to the furnishings when creating a space that dreams are made of – that’s where the devil is, truly in the details. But don’t worry, we have some fantastic tips on everything from floor tiles to taps.

Opting for an all-over marble scheme is the perfect way to achieve a luxe look. This glamorous stone comes in a range of colours, so we would recommend keeping a clear and consistent style throughout the room. With marble tiling embedding the floors and walls, this look will certainly add some splendour to your bathroom and when the time is right, is guaranteed to impress any guests you invite round.

Incorporating a walk-in shower allows you to pull the marble tones throughout the room while dividing the space for a more refreshing, dynamic atmosphere. These glamorous features will take your bathroom look to the next level.

master bathroom lighting
Vara 9 Light Bathroom Chandelier

Incorporating a spa dynamic into your room is a great way to enhance the luxury of the space, and this is why we recommend a gorgeous free-standing bathtub. These baths are the epitome of grand bathroom opulence allowing you to create a lavish environment. Not only do they enhance your home décor, but they also allow you to indulge a whole new world of rest and relaxation while you soak in these beautiful, deep tubs.

Finishing Touches

Whether you go for an Italian marble or a Moroccan ceramic, your finishing touches need to blend perfectly. Taps, shower heads and decorative fittings should complement the overall colour scheme while standing out from the background.

If you opt for a more modern bathroom look, a white marble tile can be beautifully accentuated by a matte black tap. The muted colour palette allows the furniture to speak for itself while emphasising the beautiful minimalism. However, if you opt for a more traditional approach, a white marble tile could be beautified further by a curving, gold tap and large, rounded shower head. The curving shapes bring a softened vintage theme to the room as the bold golden hues add warmth to the space. Whatever theme you choose, make sure the finishing touches make a statement in the room.

Bringing the Outside in

With a finished bathroom, the space can often feel like a personal retreat, an escape from the rest of the world. While this feeling of privacy is very welcome, we recommend opening up the space with a touch of nature. The four walls of your room don’t have to isolate you from the outside and if done right, it’s very possible to create the perfect infusion of nature within your interiors.

One way you can do this is by expanding upon your space with a larger window. Large windows instantly make any room look more open and spacious, so if you’re lucky enough to have a house in the countryside, go all out and let the nature in, enjoy the gorgeous views and pools of natural light.

However, we’re aware for city dwellers whilst this isn’t possible, there are other innovative ways you can embrace nature and its beauty within your home. Adding plants to your urban bathroom is an alternative way of letting the nature in. Find the right fit depending on the size of the room and your ability to care for them (we won’t judge). From faux fejka to statement bouquets and large potted trees, plants instantly add a welcoming breath of fresh air into the room.

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Bespoke Statement Lighting

When it comes to bathrooms, the stand-out aspect of the room is lighting. From IP rated chandeliers to minimalist downlighters, there are several ways in which you can create a statement with your lighting, and we have a few recommendations.

Going for a vintage bathroom look? A bathroom ceiling light is sure to create an elaborate centrepiece within your room and while our Vara 9 Light Bathroom Chandelier is a show-stopping addition to any room, its IP rating ensures it can be safely positioned in your bathroom adding a touch of glam to bath time. The gorgeous arrangement of sparkling crystals and the sleek chrome finish will make this an elegant choice for adding that vintage glow. We have tailored our Vara Chandelier Range to suit most homes and styles by offering chandeliers in 3 different sizes, matching wall light and a choice of 2 stunning finishes.

master bathroom lighting
Bresna 6 Light Bathroom Pendant

Or perhaps you would prefer a more modern display? The Bresna 6 Light Bathroom Ceiling Pendant adds contemporary class to your room, with an adjustable drop height allowing you to position it at the perfect height to create a stunning stylish statement. This LED bathroom light features tiered crystal effect detailing that form a structured focal point in the room as the light within projects a pool of soothing ambience

Practical Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to being able to master bathroom lighting, practicality is key. The correct task lighting is integral for things that require maximum precision, such as shaving or getting the perfect winged eyeliner. Whether you’re going for a minimalist look or over-the-top design style, consider downlighters. You can discreetly combine recessed spotlights with a statement chandelier or let the room speak for itself by opting for downlighters only. These fittings provide bright and practical illumination in key areas of your bathroom without drawing much attention.

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Achieving a Relaxing Atmosphere

Create a dream-like environment for relaxing in your free-standing tub, up to your shoulders in bubbles without having to think about the everyday worries and stress. A spa-like atmosphere can transform any bathroom into a relaxing getaway in the comforts of your own home. Add soft furnishings and muted, warm-toned colour palettes to achieve a softer décor and don’t forget about the lighting. The perfect lighting can take your room to a whole new level of serenity.

Create a toned-down ambience through the use of bathroom wall lights with dimmer switches. Accent lights provide a softer pool of light as they illuminate the walls of your room. Dimmer switches allow you to personalise your lighting set up and add an extra dimension to your room. Go from low lit and moody to bright and practical with the simple flick of a switch.

master bathroom lighting
Annalee LED Wall Light

The Annalee LED Wall Light brings a traditional look to your room, with a stylish chrome finish seamlessly merging into a white, marble back drop for an accent flair. Combine this elegant feature with your bathroom vanity mirror for an optimal task light while you get ready in the morning or unwind at night.

Bathroom Suites

With a larger scale room, one aspect that helps to make the most of your space is a bathroom seating area. Incorporating a small sofa, some armchairs and a beautiful coffee table transforms your room into an ethereal zen den. Decorate your new space with some soft cushions, a gorgeous plant and a stack of magazines for the perfect spa experience, without leaving your home!

We hope this blog has given you some fabulous inspiration when it comes to designing your own master bathroom. And if you don’t quite have a space large enough yet, we hope to have provided some amazing tips on how you can bring the calming surroundings of a luxury spa weekend into the comforts of your home. Share your results with us vis social media! You can tag us on Instagram with @litecraftlighting or use #litecraftlove.

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