Litecraft Meets Stylist: Emma Fishman

Emma Fishman talks Lighting, trends and other interior styles

Litecraft meets: Stylist Emma Fishman

Meet Emma Fishman, a London-based Interior Stylist and owner of interior design company Creative Makeovers. We recently sat down with the stylist and mum of three to talk about her style inspirations, up and coming interior trend predictions and of course lighting. Litecraft have worked with Emma extensively over the past 2 years with features in interior Magazines such as Your Home and Home Style. Helping with room makeover features as well as shopping pages and buying guides. With over 20 years experience being a stylist, Emma has been able to inject her own bold, statement style into not just homes, but also TV adverts and fashion brochures. Here’s what Emma had to say:

Emma Fishman - table lamps, floor lamps

What are your plans for the next few months?

Well I’m freelance and work mainly from home, what seems like every second, in between collecting children from school, cooking, and the usual chores.   I have regular pages with Homestyle magazine that take a lot or organising and then there are the room makeovers I do too, mostly for Your Home magazine. I’m working on March and April issues at the moment so I’m busy swotting up on all the Spring Summer 2018 trends at the current press shows.  I try to fit in a few extra design jobs too, but there’s really no time left after all that.  I’m really looking forward to slowing down for Christmas, a chance to switch off from work for a couple of weeks. Being Jewish, I get to celebrate Chanukah as well as Christmas, so December is always filled up with lots of entertaining, cooking and eating.  Not forgetting all the present-buying too….I have three children and lots of nieces and nephews so I need to stock up on wrapping paper!

2018 is just around the corner, what interior trends should we expect to see next year?

I’ve seen a lot of chalky pastels so far but also teals, cobalt blues and emeralds are still a big story too. Faux plants are huge too…they’re getting bigger and better each season.

What would you say is the most effective type of lighting for a home and why?

For me table lamps create a much softer ambience than a strong ceiling light. I love the effect of softer lamps dotted around on the room, especially at this time of the year when you want to create a cosy warm feel.  Floor lamps, such as the tripod Parabolic floor lamp, also make an impressive statement if you have the space.

Where do you find your own style inspiration?

Apart from attending press shows, and trailing through instagram and pinterest, I love to take inspiration from hotels, shops and restaurants.  I’m always taking photos, wherever I go.

What’s your favourite interior trend at the moment?

I’m really drawn to big and bold geometric shapes, whether that’s a graphic style wallpaper or smaller accessories with bold stripes. I also love bright colours set against a monochrome scheme.

stylist stylist

What are your 3 main lighting tips when decorating for the Autumn Season?

  • Stick to the style of the room when thinking about lighting. If the room has an industrial style, then opt for copper or black faded metallics.
  • Think about the function of the room when choosing lighting. A bedroom will need  soft ambiance lighting whereas a kitchen will require stronger, brighter lights.
  • Warming up a room for the chillier months with table lamps dotted around the room is so effective and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

What interior trends will you be glad to see the back of?

That’s a difficult one because on the whole the trends can look gorgeous with your own twist, but the mermaid, underwater theme was not for me.

Litecraft Magazine Features

Over the last few years we’ve been featured in several of Emma’s magazine shoots. Here are some of our products:

Check out more of Emma’s work over on her website Creative Makeovers.

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