Lighting solutions for loft style living room

There are certain styles of household where the unique structures simply have to be the focus of the room due to the fact that they are quite simply breath-taking. The urban and industrial theme of a loft styled living room is definitely in this bracket, with the authentic and robust look offering a truly spectacular feel to your home. Loft style living rooms have a really quirky tone and are a very unusual challenge when it comes to lighting, which is why we’re giving you a few hints, tips, and pointers to guide you in the right direction. Read on to find out how to light up your loft style living room and to see our top picks for loft style lighting solutions!

What style of light should you choose

Choosing the lighting for these kinds of interior can be a very intriguing and exciting task, as you have a range of possibilities, each of which will offer its own personalised twist to your home. Finding fittings which will give an effective style of light to the room is the most important factor, as this will allow you fittings to illuminate the surrounding area in a way which is suitable, relevant, and practical for the living room. Most loft style rooms tend to have high ceilings and magnificent beams, so pendant lighting can be a fantastic way to light up the room, with the fitting hanging in the centre of the space, projecting a wide beam of light out across the wide area below. Pendant lights can be found in a range of different shapes and styles, so there’s sure to be a piece to suit the designs of your loft living room space, whether that be a contemporary and modern piece, or maybe even a rustic traditional fitting which contrasts the unique urban theme of the converted loft setting.

Litecraft’s top picks for loft living room lighting solutions

Here at Litecraft we have a truly mesmerising range of pendant lighting solutions on offer, each of which gives its own image and character to an interior for a unique sense of style. Our top picks for lighting up your loft living room are:

1.Steamer 18 Light Industrial Pipe Style Ceiling Pendant – Rust: For a bold industrial image, the steamer 18 light pendant is an ideal fit, offering a pipework inspired look to the room which will give a very unusual tone to the interior’s designs. This piece comes with an authentic rust finish and features an 18 light system, bringing useful and effective light to the room. With a maximum drop height of 165cm, this light is sure to be able to give a wide spread of light to the room which will give a gorgeous shine to your home.

Lighting Solutions - Loft Style Lighting

2. Spiro 5 Hoop LED Ceiling Pendant – Chrome: Perhaps the most elegant fittings in the entire Litecraft range, the Spiro Five Hoop is a stunning addition to absolutely any household’s designs, bringing a gorgeous twinkle and shine into the interiors that it is featured within. The light comes with a maximum drop height of a whopping 3 meters, which will allow the fitting to give a stunning style of illumination to the area surrounding it. Finished in chrome for a truly modern image, this breath-taking contemporary piece gives a sophisticated feel to absolutely any loft style living room.

Lighting Solutions - Loft Style Lighting

3. Orbital 8 Light Gyro Chandelier Industrial Ceiling Pendant – Rust: A rustic theme is one which can work really well in this kind of loft style environment, with the stripped back, authentic tone being a perfect fit in the raw and original setting. This 8 light pendant has a rounded gyroscope inspired design and gives a wide spread of light across the interior for a more effective and practical lighting layout inside of your home. Coming in a rust coloured finish, this light has a vintage look and tone which is perfect for use in your loft style living room.


Lighting Solutions - Loft Style Lighting

Following these simple tips and tricks should give you the basic knowledge to be able to go out and create a wonderful lighting theme inside of your loft style living room, but always remember to try to give a unique twist to your home to give a more personalised and comforting feel to the interiors. For more helpful lighting solutions and guides, you can take a look at our blog page where we offer advice on a range of different styles, fittings, trends, and room designs!

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