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Not many people know or understand how to light up your space with colour and the effect it can have inside your home. Incorporating colours into your space can effectively make your rooms look bigger/ smaller/ taller/ wider. Adding colour to your home can also give rooms a certain feel or mood, it can disguise flaws by diverting the eye and creating illusions. As well as allowing your own personality to really shine through your home.

Whether you’re going for a drastic redesign or just looking to add accent colours with new accessories to your room, giving it a brand-new look. The most important thing to consider is the colour scheme you’re going for. By choosing this you are ultimately setting a mood and tone for that room.

Some of the more popular colour schemes of the year so far are below:

Blue and white colour schemes

Incorporating a blue colour scheme into your home can really bring a sense of tranquillity and calmness to your spaces. Combining white walls with both light and dark accents like ceiling lights, cushions, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights, throws, mirrors, or blue decorative pieces, will really bring your room alive. The white walls give the clean, fresh aesthetic to your home. While the light blue colours create a calming atmosphere, and the darker blue shades will add a touch of energy to the space too. To really finish this, look off you can add chrome light fittings to your space to give it a real sense of serenity. This colour scene can work well in bathrooms and chill out rooms.

light up your space with colour. Blue hexagon ceiling and table light
Glow Hexagon Ceiling and Table Lamp

Pink and Neutral Colour Schemes

Bringing a subtle pink into your home and doing it right, by pairing it with other neutral colours like greys, light browns, & beiges can really create a sense of peace and wholesomeness in your home while the pink brings a touch of warmth to your space. This colour scheme works particularly well in bedrooms for both adults and children. Allowing you to fully unwind and feel content before sleep, as well as bringing a sense of wholesomeness when you awake, starting your day off right. Matching this colour scheme with brass-finished accents like brass spotlights, brass ceiling lights, brass lamps, & brass wall lights. While using pinks and neutrals for accents like bedding, pink cushions, curtains, neutral throws, & decorative pieces

Light up your space with colour. Pink heuy ceiling pendant
Huey 1 Light Globe Glass Ceiling Pendant – Pink

Beige & brown colour scheme

Bringing browns and beiges into your living space can create a beautiful bohemian feeling space. Pairing light brown walls with lighter coloured accents can create a more casual, relaxed, and unconventional environment where you can really loosen up and unwind. This free-spirited home styling works great in living spaces like living rooms and dining rooms offering light, airy, laid-back spaces in your home. Incorporating colours with accessories like cushions, brown throws, boho lighting, mirrors, and picture frames

Light up your space with colour. Pilli beaded lighting range
Pilli Beaded Lighting Range

Antique, art deco styling

This specific type of home styling was originally brought to life in the 1920s, although not fully notified as a décor style until the 1960s where it has remained a popular choice since then, with a large resurge very recently. This home style consists of bold colours, and bold patterns, art deco styling is usually done to make an impression. The Tiffany lighting range is a perfect choice for bringing this interior style into your home the decorative, bold colouring just screams antique art deco. Alternatively, you could incorporate a more modern twist to art deco styling by using antique brass fittings to bring this interior choice alive along with bold chandeliers.

Light up your space with colour. Tiffany floor and table lamp
Tiffany Dragonfly Range

We hope this blog has given you some ideas on how to incorporate more colour into your home and create a space that fully reflects your personality or gives you that relaxing feeling that we all need after a long day in the office.

Here at Litecraft, we love to see how other people can incorporate lighting into their homes and what unique and quirky styling tips are used. Why not drop us a comment with how you have brought colour into your spaces, or you can tag us your images on Instagram, Facebook  or twitter. You may even get featured on our feeds, where we share new products, inspirations, and the latest trends.

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