Light up the party with our lighting tips!

One of the best ways to ensure your guests feel good, is nailing the right light for your party! Great lighting is part of the formula to creating an excellent mood. Although it is often an overlooked aspect. Careless or harsh lighting can instantly create the wrong vibe. So to ensure the influence of chatter, laughter and enjoyment it’s greatly important that the lighting is just perfect. Nothing ruins a party mood more than to-harsh or too-bright lighting. We’ll shine light on what makes a party, one to remember.

Dining lighting to get the party started

After all the efforts you have put into preparing for the gathering, you want your guests to enjoy the do. A warm white glow will make your food looks as appetising as it smells. The ambient hues will influence a relaxing atmosphere, provoking chatter and laughter. It can also make a small room look bigger. Consider using table lamps with dimmer switches, which will diffuse soft glows, much better than bright and startling overhead lights. Moreover, there is nothing more classical than candles which are a staple for dining entertainment. Use these everywhere in bunches to create an ambient hue across key areas. Line edges, dining table and shelves with candles, and consider placing it near mirrors to help reflect the flickering light.

Table Lamp Group

LED Candle Group

Accent and spot lighting

Experimenting with different colours may help you achieve the perfect balance that you want for your gathering. Try up-lighting corners and walls with mood lighting, great for themed or children’s parties. Avoid using harsh colours which could ruin a mood. Alternatively, you can accentuate interesting elements in your space by placing plants and furniture in front of up-lighters, this casts interesting shadows and creates focal points. Remember that string lights from last year’s Christmas do can be used in many versatile, beautiful ways for a party. Take a look at our LED lighting section for a variety of indoor string lights.

Party string light - multicoloured

Spotlights create focal points for guests to gather and mingle. You can instantly create a central focus to where you want guests to go, by brightening one light and dimming the rest. We think that spotlight bars are a great solution for this, as it offers adjustable bulbs so you can focus light onto certain areas of a room. You can adjust light to bounce off walls, mirrors and onto objects to create interesting shadows.

Spotlight Bar

What to avoid

You should keep in mind avoiding some mistakes:

  • stay clear of blue light as it may seem too defined, sharp and bright. It can take focus away from the food and doesn’t necessarily help in creating a relaxing atmosphere;
  • remove overhead lighting. The light that shines above from overhead light can cast unwanted shadows down on people’s faces. You want to make your guest’s feel gorgeous, relaxed and care-free, so remove any of the lighting that cast very unflattering shadows onto people. Keep lighting low and indirect.

Finally, experiment with the light to your personal preference. These tips will get you started, and you can tailor the lighting to your preference. So, whether you are planning an alfresco dining entertainment or a themed party, lighting is an important element which shouldn’t be missed.

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