Introducing our New Stanley Lighting Range

New Stanley Lighting Range

Introducing our New Stanley Lighting Range

One of the most respected and recognised brands when it comes to the hardware industry. Stanley is incomparable to any other brand, boasting high quality hardware making it the number one choice in the professional building trade. We’re excited to showcase our new Stanley Lighting Collection which prides itself on the same qualities as it’s hardware designs. The new range offers a whole host of indoor and outdoor lighting including floodlights, garden spikes and LED down-lights.


For an unobtrusive discreet lighting system that still gives an effective and practical light solution, choose recessed downlights. Stanley offer a range of Chrome, Satin Nickel and White recessed downlights so it’s easy to match the light to a particular style and decor of any room. They also give a stylish finish to any room, once installed all you can see is the actual bulb, that’s where the discreet element comes in.

Introducing our New Stanley Lighting Range

One question to think about when choosing LED recessed downlights is, how many do you need in one room? When it comes to lighting a room, a key rule is to install enough lights to adequately illuminate the space. Litecraft advise to install each downlight with at least 1 metre between the next, downlights next to a wall should have approximately half a metre space between. The need for multiple installations is solved with our 3 and 5 pack Stanley downlight options, our multi-packs help you complete a wider coverage of light with less amount of purchases, for instance our 3 Pack of Volta Recessed LED Fire Rated Downlights features 3 practical Satin Nickel downlights. These little gems are also fire rated which means they are made of special material which expands when heated, which in-turn seals the space made by the initial installation, thus slowing down any potential fires and increasing the amount of time to escape in an emergency.

So, together with this safety aspect, the choice of finish and the Stanley name you can be assured our range of recessed downlights are reliable, of high quality and safe.

Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, practicality, safety and quality is key. So it’s no wonder we wanted to partner up with Stanley for this exclusive range. The range is full of outdoor designs including drive over lighting and simple yet effective Spike Lights.  But we’re most proud of our extensive wall light offers. Boasting a collection of amazing outdoor wall lights including industrial style Bulkheads, PIR Sensored Security Wall Lights and stylish Wall Lights such as our Stanley Como Flush Range and our Stanley Davos Outdoor Lantern for a more decorative look. You’ll be sure to find something to illuminate your outdoor space.

Stanley Volvi Outdoor Adjustable Garden Spike Spotlight - Black

Stanley Caspian Outdoor Surface Mount LED Drive Over Light - Black

Stanley Lucerne Outdoor 30 Watt LED Flood Light with PIR Sensor - Warm White - Black

Stanley Como Flush Range

Stanley Como IP66 Outdoor LED Flush Ceiling or Wall Light with Sensor - Black

Add a subtle elegance to your interiors with our practical Como LED Outdoor wall light. Our round wall light showcases a circular design, the frosted shade is surrounded by a sleek white frame that adds a modern touch to the fitting. The integrated LED provides a bright illumination, perfect for illuminating a large outdoor space. The versatile design allows you to install this fitting as a wall or ceiling light, comes with and without a PIR sensor, whilst it’s IP66 rating ensures a safe outdoor use.

Stanley Davos Outdoor Aluminium Panel Lantern in Black

Stanley Davos Outdoor Aluminium Panel Lantern - Black

Safe and practical lighting doesn’t have to be plain and simple, our Stanley range also offers decorative lantern style outdoor lights, including our Davos Wall Lantern, a modern twist on a classic design. Three large acrylic panels allow for a wide expanse of light which means your home will have optimum illumination, thus providing a safe outdoor space for yourself and visitors.

Head over to our Stanley Section to browse our new range.

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