How to light your country house

The heart of a country house is projecting the right lighting and is all about comfort. However, lighting a country house may prove quite tricky. You want to get the right lighting which is both functional and comforting in a monochromatic space. Adding timeless pieces of lighting allows homeowners to create an eclectic space that reflects personality. The range of options is plentiful for traditional period style or modern restored country homes. Use our tips and tricks to give your home a classic look with a mix of contemporary style for a renovated country house. Learn how to illuminate your country house for both indoor working spaces, relaxing spaces and the exterior of your country house.

Amplifying light in an open space

A country home tends to be larger in size and open-plan. Meaning it can prove quite a challenge in distributing light across the room. You need to smartly manipulate light so that it is both functional and warming in an open space. The amount of light you need will depend on the rooms you are lighting. A good start will be using LED bulbs around the home to project brightness across key areas where you will either be relaxing, enjoying the space or concentrating on tasks. Whether you are lighting an old, traditional home or a modern, revamped country house, LED’s are functional in producing great illumination at low running costs. To help diffuse any sharp lighting and create a warm, ambient lighting for a warm oasis, using shades act as a great decorative accessory for a traditional country home.

Projecting lighting in rest and work zones

Here’s how to turn your home into a cosy country house with warm lighting. The resting zone is where you can sit back and relax in front of the wood burner. The specific locations we’re lighting up here are:

  • the living room;
  • dining room;
  • bedroom.

We’re moving into the cosy chic living with warmer tones. In these areas you can to amplify lighting to create a relaxing and comforting setting, as well as show off your space. If you have old wooden structures, exposed brick then accent lighting would perfectly illuminate these. Use table lamps and floor lamps for up-lighting these places in your interior for an extra cosy and open space.

How to light your country house

How to light your country house

Don’t forget that a great hearty country home consists of gorgeous furnishing to complete it. Using warm colours really brings together a country home. Picking up some tartan throws and upholstery furniture can bring together a cosy mood. Going for warm earthy colours such as creams, browns and greens can really reflect a traditional, hearty vibe.

How to light your country house

When it comes to lighting up work zones i.e. kitchen and home office. It’s important that you project the right lighting on work surfaces in order to work. As well as this, you want to keep the character of a country house alive. The restored country look has been really trendy in recent years and has proven to be quite popular. It’s a fusion of traditional country style along with vibrant industrial style. Use this as inspiration to add pops of colour to the country home, such as reds and greens. Hanging industrial pendants above work surfaces in the kitchen function well as task lighting and acts as a stylish addition to any interior. The mix of colours and style in a country home really adds a rustic charm.

How to light your country house

How to light your country house

Outdoor lighting

In a rural area, country homes may not get much light from street lamps and cars. To get a sense of security, it’s important that you nail the lighting outside your country house. For increased efficiency, using outdoor wall porch lights would be the best option. It not only up lights walls, giving the illusion that the house is bigger, but it also senses movement with a PIR sensor. This is a useful feature which will deter any intruders off your property. Lanterns with PIR sensors act as very stylish and contemporary element to any exterior.

Post and Pedestals are a great way of creating a welcoming lighting along a driveway and pathway. It guides the way to an entrance and adds a bit of illumination towards blooms and bushes in the surrounding space. They’re both stylish and functional. For the extra light that you’ll need in more rural areas, our Neri Outdoor Polycarbonate Triple Head Tall Lamp Post Lantern is a great choice. It has three heads which will reach a wider distance for that extra secure feeling. Also, it is IP44 rated and is water resistant with a 5-year guarantee. Pick yours up today!

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Whether you are renovating a country home or keeping true to the traditional country style. There is a variety of functional lighting to keep the heart in a country home. The simplest change of lighting can really make a difference in the mood. Also, subtle variations in the furnishing whether it is mixing up fabrics and upholstering furniture can create an eclectic feel. Stay true to your personality and let it shine throughout out your country home. And don’t forget to showcase those areas with great lighting!

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