How to illuminate a Small Bathroom Lighting Tips

How to illuminate a Small Bathroom Lighting Tips

No matter how small, even the most compact rooms in the house can be given a new lease of life. Bathrooms in particular usually get the short straw when it comes to size. However, using a simple bathroom lighting scheme that adheres to the proportions of the room. You can turn a dark and uninspiring space into a light-filled room.

Bathrooms need lots of light, for practical reasons as well as aesthetical. It’s that one room in the home where we can spend up to an hour in front of the mirror. Primping and preening ourselves, whether its applying makeup, shaving or simply having a wash, so light is important. Bathrooms also need subtle ambient lighting for a more relaxing atmosphere. So it’s key to get a mix of both without cluttering what can already be a small space.

We’re often restricted with space when it comes to bathrooms. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a sprawling wet room with a large window to give
the room a wash of natural light. Here we’ll look at how to illuminate a small bathroom with 4 simple bathroom lighting tips:

  1. Flush bathroom Ceiling lighting.
  2. Illuminated Mirrors & Shelving.
  3. Reflective surfaces.
  4. Light some candles.

Flush Ceiling Bathroom Lighting

Whilst we all dream of a chandelier in every room, it’s not always a realistic expectation. When it comes to a small bathroom, even semi-flush fittings can be too big. Spotlights may look lovely and neat but they can sometimes look too clinical and harsh. That’s where flush bathroom ceiling lights come in, Litecraft offer a range of simple yet effective Bathroom lighting that will sit flush to the ceiling for a compact illumination. You’ll still get a lovely ambience from the fitting it just won’t be all singing and dancing like a crystal chandelier. Make sure you check that the fitting is IP rated which means it is suitable for a bathroom. For more on this check out our bathroom lighting regulations here.

Lacunaria Large Flush Ceiling Light

Illuminated Mirrors & Shelving

A great way to add light to a small bathroom is by integrating bathroom accessories in with light technology. Mirrors already give the illusion of more space and bounce light around a room, but what if you could combine the two? Well now you can, we have a range of bathroom mirror fittings that include LED bulb technology such as our Epsilon Mirrored Bathroom Wall Light and our Meilos multi-function mirror with integrated LED clock. This way you can have light as well as that must needed mirror all in one multi-functioning feature. Promoting a space saving and practical bathroom accessory. Illuminated shelving is also a practical and contemporary way to add light as well as a beneficial space saving idea.

Epsilon Mirrored Bathroom Wall Light bathroom lighting

Mensola 8 Watt 450mm Fluorescent Shelf Light

Alternatively, choosing a wall light that you can install over the mirror will work in the same way. For example, our Tasmieno Bathroom wall light gives a balanced light
perfect for morning makeup applications, in a Hollywood strip style bulb design. You will be totally in love with light it gives.

Tasmieno 5 Light Opal Glass Bathroom Strip Light - Chrome

Reflective Surfaces

As well as the main mirror, adding more mirrors along the walls will expand the bathroom space. Reflective surfaces will also do the same trick, whilst adding a fun and unique feel to the room. They also help bounce light around whether natural or artificial, which gives the illusion of more space and also prevents a cluttered and claustrophobic feel.

Light some candles

Artificial lighting is key to a safe and practical bathroom space, but you shouldn’t forget about those lazy evening soaks in the bath. Just like the bedroom, the bathroom should also be a tranquil and relaxing room. Try to create an ambience that promotes this with some simple candles. You can even add some faux LED candles into the mix, these little gadgets of illumination are ideal as there is no messy wax left behind, no lingering smells and the LED technology used means they will shine for a lot longer than a real candle. Light is important in a bathroom but it doesn’t have to be a major project, following these simple tips are sure to help. What are your top bathroom lighting tips? Let us know in the comments below.

3 Faux LED Candle Table Lamp

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