How to create a Haunting Hallway décor

Greet those trick or treaters to a super Haunting entrance this Halloween. This can easily be created with some key lighting and accessories. Halloween doesn’t always have to be dark gloomy and terrifying, adding white and smoke detail can create a haunting and chilling ghostly atmosphere. Think Miss Havisham’s dining room meets a whimsical, eerie forest.  Faux cobwebs and old bed sheets are great when transforming a room for Halloween.  Draping sheets over objects will create a frightening sense of the unknown. Whilst cobwebs will give the illusion of an abandoned and desolate residence.

The hallway or reception area is an ideal place to recreate this Haunting décor. It’s the first room your guests will see when visiting for Halloween parties and will be seen by many trick or treaters throughout the spooky season.  To give your home a great first impression, a welcoming Hallway décor is key. But during this frightful week, play about with your hallway décor and create something a little more chilling. Send chills down your guests spine with a haunting décor of ghostly whites, smoky finishes and antique ornaments.

Haunting Hallway décor : Table Lamps

Lighting is key when creating a Haunting hallway décor. Use table lamps to emphasise objects on a side table whilst also casting ominous shadows across your walls. Place a table lamp together with Halloween paraphernalia. Such as white painted pumpkins, skulls displayed in glass domes and eerie Victorian portraits exhibited in antique photo frames. Create the feeling of nostalgia and a sense of time forgotten by choosing antique designs. Our Decanter Table Lamps give the impression of a bygone ear. When lit they cast an eerie yet whimsical shadow across surfaces. Add some faux cobwebs to give the side table. This will create a dated and abandoned notion, even throw in some fake spiders for an extra fright.

Animals such as owls and bats can sometimes have a menacing character when included in spooky surroundings. Our new Owl Table Lamp will be the perfect partner for a haunting Hallway décor. Creating a diffused ambience with it’s fabric shade, this lamp will give just enough light to a small hallway. Display with some entwined white spray painted twigs and our White Feather Boa String Light for a haunting ethereal effect.

Hallway décor : New Owl Table Lamp

Haunting Hallway décor : Chandeliers

A large hallway chandelier  will create a sense of grandeur. Choose either a 5 or 8 armed fitting for optimum effect. Over Halloween give your chandeliers a haunting touch up with some cobwebs and thin sheets of voile. Hang bats or spiders from the arms for extra spookiness. Choose white or chrome finished chandeliers in-keeping with the ghostly white theme.

Hallway Decor : Marie Therese Chandelier 5 Light Dual Mount - White

Hallway décor : Lyon Flemish Chandelier - 8 Light - Polished Nickel

Haunting Hallway décor : Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more space and size for any room in the house. But during Halloween these inconspicuous ornaments can take on a more sinister role. Add a long mirror at the end of your hallway to give your guests the impression of their doppelgänger staring back. Cover with faux cobwebs and rub the corners of the mirror to give an aged effect.

Hallway décor : Washington Chandelier - 4 Light - Metal Branch

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