Home Office Lighting Ideas In Time For Fathers Day

Home Office Lighting Ideas for Fathers Day from Litecraft

Home Office Lighting ideas – Want to make your workaholic dad feel special this Fathers Day? With our extensive range of Home Office Lighting, including our exclusive Philips range, you can help your dad have a practical and easy home and work office space. We’ve picked our best desk lamps including eye care designs and practical pivot and swivel models that promote a healthy and productive work area. We’ve also thrown in a selection of other office treats if you really want to push the boat out this Fathers Day.

Home Office Lighting ideas and tips

Position the desk lamp opposite to your natural hand, so if you’re right handed have your lamp placed on the left. This will reduce shadows when reading and writing.

Make sure the computer screen or monitor you are working on is angled away from any natural or electric light. This will avoid any light reflecting into the eyes.

Make sure your chosen desk lamp gives your work surface a full cover of light. If unsure, add a separate task light such as a clip on or wall light for extra illumination.

For study corners or reading nooks use general  lighting such as ceiling spotlights as well as task office lighting to avoid the risk of eye strain.

Healthy Office Lighting

Promoting a healthy and safe work environment is important and this doesn’t need to stop in the workplace. Therefore, you should introduce a healthy office lighting scheme at home with our range of special Eye-Care Desk Lamps from Philips. Furthermore, all our eye-care lamps offer a diffused and evenly distributed illumination. More so this prevents eye-strain and fatigue allowing for a more focused and comfortable study time. Also, by evenly distributing the light across a specific surface you prevent the risk of glare. This can be a dangerous distraction when concentrating. Furthermore, brighter lights will help keep your dad focused when he’s working hard in the home study. Lastly, keeping alert also helps with performance.

Colourful Home Office Lighting ideas

If your old man is still a big kid at heart then we offer colourful Home Office Lighting ideas to reflect your dads personality. The Piculet range adds a fun edge. Inspired by the exotic South-American tropical bird, this office lamp collection boasts a large head, a wide base and comes in a range of bold finishes including pale blue and red. The large headed shade offers a focused scope of warm white LED powered light. Alternatively our Globe Touch Sensitive Table Lamp in Chrome adds an eye-catching statement, combining education with illumination, this is a fun and informative addition. A 4-way touch control allows you to dim and brighten the light to suit your study needs.

Philips Lighting Range

Stylish, techie-loving dads will love our new Hue range. Firstly, our new Philips Hue 6.5 Watt GU10 Light Bulb will fit in any existing GU10 Light fitting. Also, with a simple control of the app on a smart phone or tablet, the hue can be changed to glow over 16 million colours of the spectrum. However, be warned, with this little gadget your dad might forget to do any actual work. Also, our Hue range is available in a number of bulb styles including Edison Screw and strip lighting. The Hue range also features a Friends of Hue collection including wireless table lamps, all remote controlled through your smart phones and tablets.

Office Wall Lights

For extra Home Office Lighting and to add a classy studious touch treat your dad to some picture wall lights. Place above posters, work boards and wall art to accentuate and illuminate. Available in Chrome and Bronze our Philips Langston Picture Wall Light in Nickel gives a uniformed glow over wall features and artwork. Featuring a sleek wide shade and curved arm this is a stylish and sophisticated addition.

Every study and office needs a practical task light to give illumination and sometimes in the strangest of places. Clip on lamps are your best bet if your dad needs some focus office lighting in his study. We offer a range of Clip on lamps that are designed to clip onto just about  any ledge or frame. Our Gemini Satin Nickel Clip on Spotlight is one of our original yet classic designs that offer a practical light and a focused illumination. The flexi neck design allows for a direct scope of light whilst the spring clip mechanism makes of an easy and sturdy positioning.

For more desk and office lighting ideas take a look at our Stylish Fathers Day Gift Board over on Pinterest. You can also browse our full selection of Home Office Lighting here.

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