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Clarissa Hulse is a world renowned textile and print designer based in London.

Born in Prague to a Greek Mother and English Father, Hulse began delving into the world of print and textiles at an early age. When taking part in a French exchange program at the age of twelve she was introduced to a silk painting craft kit. Clarissa soon fell in love with the concept of printing on fabric, a point in her life which mapped out her career choices in the years to follow.

Clarissa’s early years were spent moving from country to country with her parents, this would later inspire her to use more eclectic colours and designs, a reference to the many countries she visited and the different cultures she saw. Her mother would design each new home, collecting fabrics from the local markets, also a keen gardener she would spend hours with Clarissa in the garden teaching her all the names of the botanical species and the wonderful world of nature. A lover of nature and all things botanical, Hulse’s work is now heavily inspired by nature and the structure of plants. Taking her love of textiles with her, Hulse enrolled at Brighton Art College to study Fashion and Textiles in 1992 and shortly afterwards moving to London to work for fashion house French Connection. By 1994 Hulse had established her own studio which she shared with other crafters, creating printed scarves, it wasn’t long  before her designs got the attention of Barney’s in New York and Liberty’s in London who both put in orders for her printed scarves.

Whilst enjoying her scarf success, it was home-ware design that really tickled Hulse’s fancy, designs for fashion garments have to change constantly to keep up with the changing seasons and trends whereas home-ware designs allowed Hulse to develop her trademark look over the years.

These days Hulse has a successful business and home-ware range, her collections can be found in many department stores around the world. Her collection includes bedlinen, soft furnishings, lamp shades and ceramics, she even collaborates with wallpaper companies producing stunning wallpaper ranges.

Hulse’s designs are very vibrant with an eclectic mix of patterns and hues. Her design process starts with a visit to the countryside, whether it be England, Spain, Greece or many other countries. Searching out for unusual shaped flowers and plants, Hulse takes photographs which she then print replicates onto fabric. Her palette comes from natural inspirations such as the blue hues of the ocean, oranges and pinks from a sunset. Her designs come in patchwork and panelled options which allows for more patterns and colours.

Her latest designs released in 2014 feature a palette of neon pink, blue and yellow hues with a fern leaf design.

Clarissa Hulse’s designs are perfect for adding a vibrant pop of colour to any interior, whether it be industrial chic, a glamorous boudoir or country cottage. Splash out for Mother’s Day or even just a fresh new update for Spring…

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