Brighten Up Your Boring Rooms

One of the most common issues faced within the modern home is that rooms appear very dull and grey if the lighting isn’t organised properly. Having a monotonous and dreary illumination within your interiors is terrible for the atmosphere within the room. The dark and boring tone will result in a very uncomfortable and unrelaxed feel. However, with the right lights, this can all be changed. You can be given a far more exciting and stylish setting that is great for spending your time within! That’s where this fantastic guide from Litecraft comes in handy! We’re here to show you  how to create exciting illumination for your home.

In terms of revamping your home’s look through lighting, there are a few main topics we need to cover:

  • Layering your lighting;
  • Choosing your style;
  • Finding your bulbs.


Layering your lighting with exciting illumination

One of the most important things when it comes to modern lighting is ensuring that you have layers of exciting illumination within your theme. It allows you to create tone and mood within the interior that is brilliant for offering a more soothing and comforting atmosphere. To layer lighting you should consider using a variety of different styled fittings in your home. This will introduce various pockets of light to the room that overlap and work together to create a shiny new feel.

Consider lights such as table lamps and floor lamps to create pools of light in the harder to reach corners of the room. The smaller structures will add a contemporary image to your previously uninteresting and dim interiors.

If you would like a more intelligent and unique way to add effect and tone to your home, you could use lights which wash across walls rather than paintings and pictures, such as spotlights. This will add a great sense of contemporary style to your home!

How to turn a boring room into an exciting room with illumination

Choosing your style

When it comes to the design of an interior, every home is different. Some choose to opt for a more refined look which utilises recessed lighting and subtle wall lights. Whereas others choose to go for an astonishing bolder look which involves hanging ceiling fittings such as pendants and chandeliers!

In order to determine which form of illumination is correct for your home, you must take a look at the space available and use it to the best of its ability. So, if you have a space for a lavish pendant light, utilise it! If you don’t, perhaps look for more practical fittings, such as flush lights.

How to turn a boring room into an exciting room with illumination

Finding your bulbs

One feature which often goes without too much consideration is the bulbs used within the fittings in your home, however, this is where many people go wrong. The style of the bulb used is a huge factor in the feeling and mood created within any given space. In rooms which are used more practically, such as a kitchen or bathroom, you may opt for a bulb with a cooler colour temperature, as this gives a bright and clear look. Putting cool-white lights in these rooms will help you to complete tasks with greater accuracy.

For rooms which require a more comforting and soothing tone, you should choose bulbs which emit a warmer tone of light. This adds a fashionable sense of relaxation to your home and creates the perfect environment for you to spend your time and to unwind inside.

How to turn a boring room into an exciting room with illumination

Final thoughts

Turning your dull and boring home into an exciting modern haven is no easy task. It will require a lot of thought and effort. However, if done right you will have created yourself a truly wonderful environment with for you to spend your time within. There is a huge range of different light fittings at your disposal. The best thing you can do is to experiment and find what type of illumination works best for you. In the end your happiness and satisfaction is the ultimate goal!

To take a look at some more useful hints and tips, take a quick look at the wonderful Litecraft blog! Alternatively, check us out on Instagram to stay up to date with our latest lighting inspirations and competitions!

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