Bedroom Decor for Mother’s Day

Bedroom Decor for Mother’s Day

Have you already thought about treating the special lady this Mother’s Day? Whether it’s your mum or mother of your child we think that all mum’s deserve to be spoilt on this day. How about treating her with some new bedroom decor that will turn her room into a calming retreat of elegance. We have put together a ‘‘How To’’ guide to help you spruce up her bedroom just in time for breakfast in bed. This is a laid-back elegant look that will add freshness and femininity to the whole room. Choose soft colours, natural finishes and delicate details.

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Ceiling lights made of natural materials, such as wood or wicker will add a warm and cosy atmosphere to the whole room. Our Skittle Easy to Fit Light Shade in Wood features a stylish round rattan globe a white cylinder shaped centre for softly diffused light.


Flowers are a must for Mother’s Day. So make sure the bedside table is nicely decorated with her favourite flowers. This definitely will make the lady of the day feel special and appreciated.


Don’t forget about the accent lighting. It is important that the bedroom decor looks warm and inviting. You can easily achieve that with some decorative twig lights that will add a subtle glow to the whole room. Our LED Battery Powered Twig Lights come in two finishes. We have chosen our Brown Twig Lights decorated with little acrylic beads for that organic interior look. But if you think that the special lady would prefer something a bit more elegant, our Silver Twig Lights will look spot on! Decorated with silver sequins they are guaranteed to add that extra bit of a sparkle to the whole bedroom decor.


Make sure that she gets the most comfortable goodnight sleep by treating her to a new set of lush bedding. Choose warm tones and elegant details for that natural look of elegance. Our Roses Double Duvet Set in Gold is sure to give a chic makeover to any bedroom. Featuring bands of beautiful 3D roses on a white background it will add femininity and charm to the whole room.


When it comes to choosing curtains try avoiding bold prints and saturated colours. Go for light and airy curtains that will make the bedroom look spacious and bright. Our Victoria Pair of Curtains in White feature an embroidered floral pattern that is very subtle yet refined at the same time.


Every mother’s boudoir should be filled pretty little things that would make her feel like a princess. Lace details are a great way of incorporating delicate luxury into any room, especially bedroom. Our Jenna Boudoir Cushions feature a soft satin finish fabric with a beautiful cream lace trim and ribbon detail that will complete this feminine interior look.


Make sure to check out our Breakfast in Bed Pinterest Board for more ideas on Mother’s Day bedroom decor.

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