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«I go for character, I like to mix old with new.»

What better way to celebrate Vintage Glam’ at Christmas than with another Litecraft Home Feature, this time we stopped by Victoria and Mike’s 1930′s Semi in Greater Manchester to swoon over their vintage inspired home. This trend is a perfect winter décor, easy to glam up with some berry red hues it can be transformed into a cosy warm welcoming trend especially for the festive season. Vintage Glam’ is all about nostalgia, mixing antique gems from the glamorous 1930′s and 40′s together with romantic inspired designs such as baroque and rococo.  Think Art Deco designs paired with precious glass and crystal fittings.

Victoria and Mike bought their semi-detached home in late 2011 and officially moved in in the March of 2012.Victoria explains why they chose the house, “I like traditional houses, with character; I think they’re more homely. Also, from a practical point of view, they’re built to last!” Each room has been lovingly restored to compliment it’s 1930′s history. Victoria decided to keep the lead glass windows in the lounge and restored the internal 1930′s style doors throughout the house to maintain the original character of the building.

On entering you’re immediately greeted by a stunning wall feature of an eclectic mix of vintage mirrors, each mirror was painstakingly sourced from either charity and antique shops, car boot sales or boutiques with the odd hand-me-down thrown in, «I got the inspiration for the mirrors from a bar called Odder Bar on Oxford Road in Manchester about 6 years ago.» Victoria explains

The hallway is neutral in colour whilst the brass and pewter finished mirrors add a hint of glamour. The carpet has a lined design of subtle creams, greens and browns adding to the Art Deco feel.  A vintage rippled glass shade found in a local charity shop hangs above. “I frequent Brighton a few times a year as I have family down there and I just love routing through the vintage boutiques and trinket shops for one off finds.” Victoria gushes. At the top of the stairs Victoria has displayed a beautiful vintage style cream birdcage showcasing a dainty Kath Kidston teacup. Victoria tells the story of how the cup came to be in the birdcage “I bought the teacup as I loved the design, but Mike dropped it before id even had chance to use it and the handle broke, so rather than throw it away, I thought ill make use of it.»

Make your way through the 1930’s style lounge door and a feel of nostalgia hits you, a stunning velvet chesterfield underneath a baroque style mirror immediately draws your attention. The rich red velvet curtains drape luxuriously across original 1930’s lead windows whilst and Art Deco Tiffany shade creates a warm ambience. The tree is dressed in rich red velvet ribbon with red and gold ornaments. Opposite the chesterfield sits a beautiful lounge chair made of warm tanned leather.

The dining room also has a vintage vibe but with more of a masculine touch, this is Mike’s room in the house «It was the one room that I was allowed to choose the décor, Vicky was a little unsure of the wallpaper and the stag head at first but now she loves them as they add my quirky style to her vintage look.» Mike explains. A vintage 1940’s style dining table sits in the middle of the room, » The table was a hand me down from a family member, they were going to get rid of it but I fell I love with the shape and pattern on the surface.» Victoria explains.

Mike’s choice of wallpaper was a bold move but one that fits perfectly with the vintage theme, the paper is called Library by Albany and was bought at an online store, it gives the room a gentleman’s club kind of feel especially with the whiskey decanters and brandy glasses. «Mike picked the bookcase wallpaper, I told him he could decorate the room how he wanted. He decided to go for a gentleman’s club look. Apparently you’re only allowed in if you play poker and drink whiskey.» Victoria explains.

A similar wood coloured side unit showcases a stunning brass task lamp together with a tray of vintage crystal decanters and bottles, another car boot find.  Victoria says, “I enjoy trawling car boots and charity shops to find treasures. I love having a story to tell about my possessions, like how cheap something was or how I came across it. Even the chandelier is vintage!”

We’ll look at Victoria’s pride and joy, the Bathroom in the next post.

To recreate Victoria’s Vintage vault, keep colours neutral and fresh but use vintage pieces and distressed furniture to give your home an antique look. Here’s our look book to help you recreate this look…

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