Be Inspired : Creating a Country Style outdoor space

Bring your shabby chic/restoration style outdoors this Spring with a picturesque country inspired garden. Whether you’re blessed with a lush green haven of buds, hedges and lawns or a concrete yard with minimal space, the country style trend can easily be replicated with some simple accessories.

The main element of creating a quaint country style outdoor space has to be the introduction of flowers, greenery and foliage. The feeling of a natural wilderness should be created by allowing plants and shrubs to over spill onto pathways and decked areas, take away the neatness and opt for an unkempt yet pretty look. Choose traditional flowers such as lavender and roses for a vintage nostalgic feel and allow ivy trails to grow around fences and furniture. To compliment and contrast colours, place herbs and green leaved plants in-between flowerbeds. For smaller outdoor spaces choose window boxes and potted plants.

Country lighting is all about creating traditional and nostalgic designs, think lanterns, replica fisherman, station and barn lights, classic designs with rustic edges. We’re seeing a lot of barn style replicas on the market in quaint pastel putty colours such as greys and creams, reminiscent of traditional lighting used in old barns and mills, they reinforce the nostalgic feel. Lantern style designs are also making a come back this year, pair with matching posts and pedestals.

A great idea to bring more vintage elements into your outdoor space is by using old glass shades and up cycling them as plant hangers. For extra illumination, add a few tea light and candle lanterns amongst plant pots and pathways.

Quaint and whimsical items such as dainty picket fences, birdbaths, hanging bird cages and unusual plant pots will add to the country cottage vibe, try to keep everything relaxed, this trend is all about fun and laid back vibes so don’t worry about chipped paint and rustic finishes, the lived in look is perfect for a country theme. For alfresco dining add vintage vases with flowers cut from the garden as centrepieces for the outdoor table.

Wood and rattan furniture with distressed finishes will add a vintage nostalgic feel to your outdoor spaces, mix with stone or iron seating with floral fabric textiles for an eclectic and industrial look.

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